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First Class To New York Under £1800! (Expired)

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

I’m sure this is a bargain and great value for money. Plenty of dates available between April and May. You can play around with dates covering a weekend and at least 5 days. Click to get started.

The days seem a perfect break in the Big Apple. Most are flying to JFK.

The flights are on the 747 (mostly)

There are 14 First Class seats. And it gets better. With this you get to depart from Terminal 5. Which means going through the exclusive First Wing.

Then relaxing at The Concorde Room. Check out BA First Class on their website for further details. And then book it to experience the real thing!

As I’ve said before. I believe it’s not only about finding a cheap flight but value for money. And this is a taste of First Class for 7 hours across the Atlantic.

Enjoy New York.


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