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iPhone 11 Pro quick Review

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

I’m on my travels at the moment, and this is coming from Dubai.

So as mentioned in my intro I wanted to have a quick look and play with the iPhone 11 Pro to see if it’s worth upgrading.

At the moment I have an iPhone X.

So, I headed off to the Dubai Mall of Emirates and found the Apple store. It was busy, with a queue to purchase items, but you can walk in to have a browse.

As you can see, the front looks no different to any of the recent year’s offerings by Apple. I think the customers have got to the point where expectations are no longer sky high, like they used to be. Apple have also realised this and tend to make minor changes and improvements.

The only physical changes I can see are the cameras and the bottom of the phone, where there seems to be less holes.

I've got to address the 3 Elephants in the room of the back of the iPhone. They really aren't easy on the eye's. So make sure to take the picture standing far away from your subject. :-)

As for picking up the phone, the shape seems a little smoother in the hand, with nice curves (no pun intended). The screen's image quality seems a lot better, and brighter. I can’t say I noticed a marked improvement over the speed of using the apps, switching, and swiping. It wasn’t what impressed me.

What did impress me, however, was what those painful to look at Camera lenses could do.

Wow! They were amazing. The shots they took were very clear, crisp. Yes, there was good lighting in the store, but still remarkable. The depth that that images gets, especially when you zoom in on the saved digital photos. The cameras don’t boast the megapixels that others have, and Apple have never made them like that. They improve the holistic photography feature that the phone has. And that’s what it comes down to, the end result. The last time I was Wowed by a phone camera was the Huawei Mate 20. Which ended up showing my skin lines and hair which wasn't supposed to be there!

The video recording was equally impressive. The quality was very high and smooth rolling. And again, the stability on them has always been great, and no sense of blurry motions when watching them. Sorry I couldn’t get shots to upload them, but I was in a rush, and ended up deleting them.

So, the not so good. Disappointing to read there is no 5G support as it’s being rolled out on the networks. The timing would have been perfect. And the other surprise for me, is the lack of USB-C. This is being rolled out across most electronic devices now, so should appear in next years.

Overall, it’s not a bad phone. But I think if you have a X (that’s an iPhone Ten by the way), then it’s not worthwhile. I think with those phones able to use the new iOS, it will make it seem like an upgrade. Anything before X, then you should definitely upgrade.

FYI, the new iPad, I was told isn’t in stores until 30th September. Shame as

I wanted to see it with its new OS. Especially its enticing price.


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