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London Gatwick using Lounge club card

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

So, having applied for the Amex Gold card, I received a Club Lounge card. Which includes 2 free Guest Passes. I waited for a while to use them. I have tried in the past and the No.1 Lounge at Gatwick is always busy. And again this time it proved so. Very disappointed. But a blessing in disguise. So having wanting to write about the lounge at Gatwick South, I will instead tell you how I used it at a food place not too far from the lounge. Both are upstairs.

Grains Store

This is quite a big place considering. And it was easy to find a seating spot.

So, how do you use the Lounge club card at this eaterie? Well the Grain Store accepts each pass as a £15 cover. So you can spend up to £15 using a pass on your card. Anything above that you pay as normal. This is what I ordered.

We also had x2 teas which in total came to £15.

The orders I placed arrived very quickly, handy if you are in a rush!

At the end i handed over my Lounge club card to the waitress and she swipes it. They will then let you know if any amount is outstanding, after exceeding £15. We didn’t, so we paid nothing for our breakfast away from the hustle bustle that is Gatwick South Terminal. Now that’s a benefit from the free Gold card!

One thing some may miss from the lounges, especially for me was that although there was space to sit and eat, there wasn’t any space to use your laptop. The 4 seated tables against the walls were ideal but only for customers of 3-4.

We only spent 40 mins or just relaxing and then went to our Gate.

The No.1 Lounge and Grain Store are on the floor above, so take the escalator and you will see this sign for the lounge. Turn left further to the end you will see the Grain store.

*An update for Gatwick South, and for Lounge Club members. There is a new lounge opened up to take the load of the No.1 lounge. It’s called Club Aspire. If I get to see it I will post a review of it.


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